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CACAZAN is a glove brand created in Higashikagawa City by Izushi Gloves. Higashikagawa City, located in the eastern part of Kagawa Prefecture, is Japan's largest producer of gloves, with over 90% of domestic products manufactured here.

The founder, Mr. Izushi, pursues functionality and quality, and his own persistence in everything from concept creation, to leather selection, design, and sewing, results in gloves that cannot be achieved through mass production. Each glove is carefully sewn in-house with the hope that customers will use good products for many years to come.


グループ 118.png



The thickness of the glove is extremely important, and even a difference of just 0.1 mm can affect durability and operability, so we are very particular about the selection of materials.

In addition, in order to produce the ideal driving glove that feels comfortable and firmly adheres to the steering wheel, yet is not sticky or dry, we take great care to ensure that differences in materials have as little effect on product quality as possible, such as by adjusting the amount of oil according to the condition of the raw hides of the natural materials.


マスクグループ 16.png



CACAZAN produces not only driving gloves, but also a wide range of other products, from gloves for Winter Olympians to gloves for disabled people, outdoor equipment, and small leather goods.

In particular, we have been involved in the production of gloves for Winter Olympic athletes for more than 10 years, and we also handcraft special gloves for people with disabilities. For customers with such individual circumstances, we meet directly with them to take detailed measurements and prepare samples of their original patterns, and proceed with custom-made production from the ground up.

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